Do you want the detail plans to build your own HHO generator. The needed skills? Can you use a hand drill, screwdriver, cripper and wire stripper? We provide step-by-step directions plus detail parts list; no custom fabrication is needed, all parts can be bought at your local hardware stores.  
These heavy duty HHO generator units could be sold as side business or just for personal use, with an average cost of $50.00 per unit for parts. We provide step-by-step directions with full color video. The parts are available from local hardware stores with NO custom parts needed.The total cost for the detail HHO prototype plans is only $24.99 usd. 
Go to the Prototype page for detail information.

        The HHO Prototype!

Video of heavy duty (50 amp) HHO Prototype designed and tested by David Henry Company.

"Hydrogen has been also known as a proven source for clean, powerful, and abundant energy. This is one of the best secrets kept from the American public, since the early 1900's."

David Henry

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