Prototype HHO Generator Plans
Build your own HHO Prototype using OTS (off the shelf) parts which can be bought from local hardware stores. It's EASY; can you use a drill, screwdriver and cripper? We provide step-by-step directions to build a heavy duty (50 amps) HHO generator, no glass mason jars. This prototype has been built, tested and verified. 

Prototype Plans (*OTS plans only) includes:
The plans include step-by-step directions, parts list with total cost of $124.99 usd.

*Please wait for funds to clear and holiday weekends of 72 hours. If you have any order issues call us David Henry Company at 405-473-7057 cst.   
Purchase by PayPal:
Finished Prototype HHO Generator
*HHOv1.0 plans will be sent E-mail, once PayPal payment has been verified. Thanks!