In-Person Seminar by David Henry!

The fact is 100% HHO kits are not available. Why? They're many oil corporations and or the U.S. government PREVENT the 100% HHO systems from being manufactured by quantities in the USA. In fact, the 100% hydrogen version 2.0 built by Future Energy Concepts, Inc. was available for purchase online. The website was shut down by Homeland Security after a few of the 100% HHO kits were sold online.    

The future of 100% HHO vehicles?

I believe we're seeing a shift in what the U.S. government and big oil will allow? Why? I don't know, maybe the public pressure of owning electric, hybrids, and solar vehicles made the difference. Don't be fooled by Honda's 100% hydrogen vehicle; why? You need to purchase hydrogen gas and the cost is FREE or low cost, but wait if they take off. The cost per hydrogen fill-up will be?       

What do we provide in the 100% HHO seminar? 

We provide an IN-PERSON seminar which covers HHO history, concept, technical guidance "100% Hydrogen Conversion for Autos/Trucks/SUVs" and video of building HHO 'proof of concept' system from OTS 'off-the-shelf' using local hardware parts.   

1) HHO history, concept, and technical descriptions.

2) The HHO 'proof of concept' of how to build HHO system from using OTS 'off-the-shelf' parts. 

3) Insights of the making total HHO vehicle "100% Hydrogen Conversion for Autos/Trucks/SUVs" book.

4) Discussion of various HHO applications (AC generator, welding, motorcycle, auto, trucks).

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