In-Person Seminar by David Henry!

The fact is 100% HHO kits are not available. Why? The're many oil corporations which PREVENT the 100% HHO systems from being manufactured by quantities in the USA.


The solution?

We provide IN-PERSON seminar which covers HHO history, concept, technical guidance plus book ​copies "100% Hydrogen Conversion for Autos/Trucks/SUVs" and video of building HHO (proof of concept) system from OTS (off the shelf) using local hardware parts.


What do you get? 

1) 12 paperback books of the "100% Hydrogen Conversion for Autos/Trucks/SUVs" by David Henry.

2) The HHO (proof of concept) video digital copy of how to build HHO system from OTS (off the shelf) parts. 

3) HHO history, concept and technical descriptions.

4) Discussion of various HHO applications (AC generator, welding, motorcycle, auto, trucks).


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